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Our services


The complex knowledge of the tender system is an indispensable requirement to implement a successful co-financed EU tender, that’s why there is an increasing demand for such project management consulting firms on the market, which with their trustable operation, help enterprises to implement investments supported by the EU and the Hungarian State. We offer a proper service for all client concerning his or her project. This means that our work doesn’t end with the winning of the project; we manage the life of the tender from the beginning till the end.

Our project management service contains the following elements:


•    Searching for new tenders
•    Preparing tenders
•    Managing the support contract
•    Preparing the drawdown request
•    Preparing annual monitoring reports
•    Participating on authority’s controls
•   The representation of our clients in the management of other cases before the project handling authority

Searching for new tenders

Our firm undertakes to search for all suitable domestic and EU tenders for our clients. We check the tenders free of charge for those partners, who register to our registry. The goal of operating the system is to be able to choose the most suitable project opportunities for you based on your investment plans, conceptions and our up-to-date information. Thanks to our clientorientated aspect you can immediately learn the most up-to-date information and project opportunities. Due to our client pre-assessment system and your development plans, we are able to predict the chance of a successful participation in the tender procedure.

Preparing tenders

If you think that the opportunity offered by us fits into your plans and decide to give us a vote of confidence, our experts help to work out the details in the course of a personal consultation. We undertake the preparing and submitting of the project to the tender handling authority. A proper tender documentation contains several annexes. We have to put great emphasis on the content and formal requirements of these annexes, because it can bring about the refusal of the tender, if something isn’t prepared according to the instructions. Before submitting the tender to the handling authority we examine every document carefully several times. If we find any mistakes then we help to correct them, because also our basic interest is to submit a winning tender.

Managing the support contract

After winning the tender the next step is the signing of the support contract. To drawdown the won support or its advance, a support contract has to be signed with the tender handling authority. That’s not a complicated procedure but with the help of us you can manage this comfortably. We fill in every necessary annexes and determine firm-specific those points that concern you from the long description and annex list. Furthermore, thanks to our more years experience we can give advice how to obtain certain necessary documents.

Preparing the drawdown request

According to our experience the winning of the support and the signing of the contract is only a half-success in the EU project system. The most meticulous part of the work just follows. Preparing the drawdown request needs special attention. It’s very important to have every single document demanded by the tender handling authority to every device procured, e.g.: invoices, advance invoices, payment vouchers, orders, contracts, delivery notes, start-up reports, tangible asset boards etc. These have to be made out without any mistakes in accordance with the current law. There cannot be any mistakes or clerical errors because this causes the completion of documents. Every single completion of a document postpones the support payout by 60 days. It can be heard many times that an applicant is waiting a half or one year for the money, of course not the clients of Prospera Europe Ltd. This can be avoided if you charge such an expert with the preparing of the financial account who submitted more hundreds of drawdown requests, so knows the expectations of the tender handling authority concerning every document. These documents are checked by our colleagues not subsequently but during the make out process in order to be able to submit a proper and correct request. Thanks to that our clients can receive their support in 1-2 months.

Preparing annual monitoring reports

After completing the project and drawing the support down, you have to produce reports annually for 3 or 5 years about the sustaining of the project. Many times it is really hard to interpret what to write in the data sheet to be filled and how to interpret an index number. The solution of these exercises also belongs to us, in every year we draw the attention of our clients beforehand to the monitoring reports to be handed in and we help to prepare them.

Participating on authority’s controls

In the next 3 years following the submitting of the proposal, every applicant has to go through at least one inspection.
During controls the controllers have a look at the investment. Furthermore, they ask for the documents which confirm the investment and the undertaken commitments. The colleague of Prospera Europe Ltd. has participated in several field inspections where the controllers found everything all right. If you submit your tender with the contribution of our firm then we participate completely free of charge in the inspections for the sake of a smooth procedure. We prepare beforehand every document the controllers can ask for in order to advance faster on the day of the inspection, so we can save time for everyone.
The inspections need to be taken serious because irregularities cause the repayment of the support.

The representation of our clients in the management of other cases before the tender handling authority

The most common case when a change occurs in the firm data or in the economic situation of your enterprise because in these cases you need to initiate the modification of the support contract. Our firm prepares every necessary document in order to help your work.
We are also taking part in the planning of assurances offered as the security of the support, the calculation of cost efficiency and their technical arrangement. According to the current regulation a security is needed over a 25 million won support.



GINOP Plusz-1.4.3-24 KKV Technológia Plusz hitelprogram


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